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General Safety Guidelines for Pole Dance and Aerial Acrobatics

Please note that doing Pole Dance and Aerial Acrobatics are sports you should do with focus, patience, and always with stable devices and safe environments.

  1. Get rid of all jewelry such as long earrings, piercings or necklaces/bracelets to prevent injuries or breakage.

  2. Eat and drink properly before training.

  3. A solid warmup on/off the pole is necessary to prepare your muscles for the exercises and prevent injuries.

  4. Rest and drink enough water between workouts.

  5. If you feel unsafe/insecure please be cautious and don't push yourself too hard. Know your limits!

  6. If you don't want to train on a spinning pole, check that the Pole is properly fixed on static.

  7. Stretching and Cooldowns help your body to fully relax after exercising.

Safety Equipment

There are various things you can use to support you while doing the sport and make it safer. If you don't feel completely secure performing a certain exercise or move, consider waiting until you feel safe, secure, or strong enough to do it. It's not a failure in giving yourself some more time!

  1. Safety Mats - In case of doubt use a safety mat underneath the area of your training.

  2. Grip - There is a huge variety of Pole Grip / Aerial Grip providers that help to stick better on the pole, therefore making it easier and safer to perform certain tricks.

  3. Wrist Support - this can help to prevent burnings, blisters with certain moves.



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