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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Every tutorial in the Pole Dance Companion offers detailed information, a video tutorial, and step-by-step description in its detail view.

The thumb-up icon is an option to show other users that you recommend this tutorial. The number indicates the number of users that already have recommended it already.

The settings icon inside the video player opens the option to replay the video in different speeds.

The resize icon opens the video horizontally in fullscreen on your phone.

With the watchlist icon you can add/remove this tutorial to your custom lists.

Status switch - Mark your own training status for this tutorial - No Status - On it - Mastered

​You can toggle the heart icon to mark/unmark a tutorial as your favorite. ( you can filter by favorites in the library screen )

Hashtags - use those to search for specific keywords like:

  • Moves that require strength or flexibility

  • Spinning or Static Pole moves

Required Moves

here you can find an overview of tutorials that are a good foundation or pre-requirement before learning this tutorial.


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